If you do nothing else but follow this simple formula, you’re guaranteed to look polished & chic every single time.

The formula? – Wear Three Colours.

The secret behind this winning combination is actually its simplicity. Wearing no more than three colours at any one time is visually pleasing to the eye so you’ve got a good chance of not only making your first impression flawless but creating the most impact as well.  Better yet, it makes it easy to pull an outfit together and it saves time getting dressed each morning. Here are a few examples –



Want a few more tips? –

  1. If you wear a print, choose 2 colours from that print to style the rest of your outfit. The print is used as colour 3
  2. Wearing more than 3 colours can look a bit busy especially if your colour combining skills aren’t up to scratch.
  3. Coloured lipsticks & eye-shadows also count as colours.

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