If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a post that I shared recently about alcohol which includes some words of wisdom from this absolute wealth of knowledge – Chelsea Pottenger. Well in that exact same interview (below with Jules Sebastian), Chelsea also dropped some pretty insane information about why the first 8 minutes upon waking are so important and I just had to share this with you!

Chelsea is a Clinical Pyschologist and Neuroscientist and in the interview she explains what happens to our brain the minute we wake up. From a brainwave perspective, when we first wake up, we come out of what’s known as a ‘delta brainwave’ of sleep. From here, our brain goes into something called ‘theatre brainwave’. Now imagine your brain during theatre brainwave is like a ball of Playdoh, it’s mouldable, it’s malleable and it’s changeable.

The first thing 95% of human beings do when we wake up is turn off the alarm and check social media – our likes, our followers and then we scroll through to see what everyone else has been posting. So what we are actually doing when we do this, is empowering other people to shape our brain which in turn shapes our lense/ view of the world. What we put inside our mind and what we feed our brain with in these first 8 minutes is what we are believing – now that is pretty powerful stuff!

If this sounds like you, perhaps as of tomorrow morning, take that first 8 minutes and really own it as Chelsea describes – set a beautiful intention, run through a list of things you are grateful for, roll over and take a look at a vision board that you’ve created and watch how different your world becomes.

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