I’ve been a qualified Stylist for more than 9 years and in those first years of business I worked with women doing in-home consultations, wardrobe edits and shopping at most major Westfields across QLD – the usual direction I guess you could say for most Personal Stylists. During this time, I learnt a lot about the fashion industry which has shaped the way I run my business now and the reason my services have moved entirely online with a focus on capsule wardrobes rather than trend-based fashion.

So what happened, why did I switch from working as a fast-fashion, in-home Stylist to a slow-fashion, online Stylist?


Before I started my business, I worked in retail as the Manager of a clothing store. Whilst I absolutely loved the brand and my position with this company, my eyes were well and truly opened to the sales side of the fashion industry as I was the one in charge of meeting our daily budget. At the time, I did what I had to do to be successful in that role however the “push” as I like to call it, never sat well with me. Our daily budget was honestly very unachievable a lot of the time which meant having to do or say whatever it took to get each sale across the line. For those who don’t know, I am a hopeless sales person, not because I can’t close a sale but more because I don’t enjoy pushing product onto people because I don’t appreciate it happening to me. This is the main reason I’ve decided not to work as a Stylist for any specific store or shopping centre but instead have chosen to break free from the push by shopping online where there is no burden of a budget and no responsibility to push certain product onto women whether or not it works for them.


The most common issue that I have dealt with in working with over 1500 women from all over the world is overwhelm – the result of owning too many clothes & accessories! Overwhelm is the cause of a whole host of significant problems that many of my clients have suffered through – low self-esteem, financial stress, excessive waste, as well as some serious emotional and psychological disorders. The capsule wardrobe concept is a proven, powerful and effective method of tackling overwhelm and this is why I am so passionate about it.


As a society, we have a huge problem with waste and nothing makes you realise this more than spending a few years sorting through women’s wardrobes. The amount of money and clothes that I have seen end up in the trash, scares the heck out of me and it really made me question my role in all of that as a fast-fashion Stylist. This is why I decided to change the direction of my business by following my heart and adopting a less is more approach when it comes to dressing. Yes, the capsule wardrobe concept is the complete opposite to what most Personal Stylists advocate but I could no longer hide the fact that the amount of waste caused by the fashion industry alone was very alarming to me.

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