With my Oxfam walk just days away, I’ve spent the past few weeks deciding what I’ll do fitness wise once this event is finished. I was originally tossing up between 3 online programs however have since decided on the one that suits me and my lifestyle best right now and that’s the Body By Finch program created by Rachael Finch.

This program is essentially a combination of exercise, food and mindfulness and as I’m currently in the final week of my Health Coaching qualification, these are the areas that I believe are most important for optimal health and wellbeing. Rachael is also a Health Coach and our philosophy on these 3 things is more or less the same. We have the same values, beliefs and our lives are incredibly similar with both of us having 2 young children as well. Prior to signing up to this program, we both ate in a similar way too – she appears to gravitate more towards a low-ish carb, high fat diet, as do I. So having said this, I thought it might be useful to jot down the key things that drew me towards this particular program –


The program is 6 days of movement with 1 rest day per week. Each workout is less than 30mins in length which is ideal for me. The workouts are broken up into 3x BodyWork sessions (HIIT circuits), 2x BodyMove (any type of physical movement such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, skipping) and 1x BodyTone (pilates/ yoga inspired workout).

Personally, I’ve been wanting to incorporate some sort of yoga practice for a little while now so this was certainly that extra little push I needed to get that happening which I’m excited about. The workouts are simple, fuss-free and you don’t need any equipment at all if doing this from home which is great.


I’m going to use the mealplan as a guide more than anything. As I said, we tend to eat the same types of meals most days anyway and I have a stack of recipes that my family and I love as it is, so I’ll see what is happening each week with regards to their meals and just pick & choose which ones I’d like to incorporate into my own schedule. The snack options are wonderful on this program as well – very practical, efficient and not too time-consuming.


The big deciding factor for me was the inclusion of meditation which I’ve been trying really hard to incorporate into my own life however I often need to be reminded to do this and I find it much easier to practice meditation if I’m being guided by a video/ audio. Again, the program includes this as well.



The cost of this program is also a bonus. After doing a stack of research, I found that a lot of other programs were typically priced around the $50 per month mark and some of these were exercise only. Body By Finch is $24.95 per month (with a 2 week trial). Previously, I was paying $60 a fortnight ($120 per month) for a gym membership (pilates included). So as you can see, the price difference is absolutely huge, plus not to mention the fact that I also get the food, mindfulness and access to a very supportive community over on Facebook.

I’m currently in the final week of my 2 week trial and I’m definitely keen to go ahead and try this program come Monday morning. I’ll keep you in the loop with regards to my feedback in the coming months.

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