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Summary – 

The world doesn’t need another podcast right? Or does it?! In this episode, I reveal what FEEL BE LOOK is all about and why you should tune in each week.

Things I Mention – 

  • The 3 areas of a woman’s life that I believe are the most important and why!
  • What I’ve learnt from working with women all over the world for more than 10 years now.
  • How this podcast is centered around long-lasting results as opposed to a quick fix. 

PLUS, I reveal how I can help you achieve one of the most important traits a woman can have!

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The world doesn’t need another podcast right? Or does it?!
So why should you listen to FEEL BE LOOK and who the heck is that woman meditating with a banana? Both very good questions and in this episode, I’m going to clear those two things up for you. 

Let’s tackle the easy question first – that woman meditating with a banana, that is me and that image sums up perfectly the three areas of a woman’s life that I believe are the most important – Fashion, Nutrition & Wellbeing. Which brings me to the next question – why on earth should you listen to FEEL BE LOOK and why are these 3 areas in particular, so important? The answer to that is simple – confidence! I’ve worked 1:1 with women all over the world for over 10 years now and it’s safe to say that I’ve learnt a thing or two about what it takes to have true self-confidence. 

If you’re looking for a quick fix though, unfortunately you won’t find that here. Like anything worthwhile, I believe that being a confident person is not necessarily something you just become one day, it is the reward for taking small, consistent steps each day in a direction that makes you happy. I also believe that it is unrealistic to expect to be in a state of total confidence all day, every day. Like all universal principles, confidence ebbs and flows, though the magic lies in knowing that you’ve built the foundations so on the days when you’re just not feeling it, you can trust that this too shall pass and you’ll be back to your usual confident self in no time. 

Now, from my experience, confident women embrace the idea that a 3-piece puzzle is key – a tri-fold approach so to speak that includes the areas of Fashion, Nutrition & Wellbeing.

First we must FEEL confident in order to truly BE confident, in order to then LOOK confident. I don’t believe that it’s possible to have one without the others. A woman who oozes confidence on the outside for example could be falling apart on the inside, meanwhile a woman who feels great on the inside, may lack the confidence to portray how good she feels on the outside which both ultimately stop her from being able to put her best foot forward.

So, if you’re after long-lasting results and you’ve decided the time is now to start prioritising your own health & happiness to become the most confident version of you, then you’re in the right place. Each week, I’ll be debunking myths, pointing you in the right direction and providing practical tips & tricks to help you with your own personal transformation. 

But before we get stuck into the good stuff (aka the next episode which will blow your mind!), I want to use this opportunity to give my 1:1 Confidence Coaching service a little plug.
Imagine being able to ask a girlfriend for Fashion, Nutrition or Wellbeing advice for an entire month knowing that her response has years of study & experience behind it … how’s that for life-changing?!

Perhaps you’re in the middle of a shopping centre and you can’t decide whether to buy something?
Send me a photo and I’ll tell you what to do (no more sales assistants!)

Maybe you’ve got an event coming up and you’re not sure what to wear?
Send me a pic of your outfit and I’ll tell you how to style it.

Perhaps you’re confused about whether or not you should try that new diet?
Talk to me about it, I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you!

Maybe you’re just unsure how to use the gym equipment or don’t know what weight you should be using for your goals?
Let me know and I’ll tell you exactly what to do.

If somewhere along the line, you feel like your confidence has taken a bit of hit and you’ve lost yourself a little (or a lot!), I’m here to help. This is a service like no other. Experience how transformative it can be to receive friendly support & advice tailored specifically to you, your lifestyle and your goals. Check out my 1:1 Coaching if you who are wanting to make real changes to the way you feel, be and look.

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