Whilst I can’t sit here and say that I’m a frequent flyer who has their carry-on luggage down to a fine art, I can say that on my recent trip to NYC, I was very happy with what I packed to take on board the flight. I did however learn a very valuable lesson – if taking a piece of fruit overseas (in my case, an apple), you need to eat the fruit on the flight otherwise you’ll be forced to work your way through lengthy & painful customs cues and honestly, it’s really not worth it! Here’s a little look at everything I packed into my shiny, new Naked Vice backpack –


GOOD BOOK – I chose Winging It by Emma Isaacs. I usually take a book that I’ve been eyeing off for a little while so I’m super keen to read it. I read the entire book on my flight to and from NYC.
MAGAZINE– For easy flicking when you don’t want to think too much.
LAPTOP/ iPAD – I run an online business therefore travelling without a laptop is not an option.
PODCASTS – I download a stack of podcasts onto my phone a few days before travelling so they’re ready to go during the flight. A few of my favs are Melissa Ambrosini, The Health Code, Your Creative Start and Marie Foleo.
YOUTUBE – I’m a big Youtube fan and love keeping up with my fav subscribers. I’m a premium member which means I’m able to download unseen videos before I travel and watch them on the plane without needing a Wifi connection.
DIARY/ PEN/ PAPER – I’m an old-school girl at heart and love nothing more than jotting down a few notes here and there if inspiration comes to mind. Some of my best business ideas have come from endless hours spent on the plane.


HEADPHONES – I prefer to use mine rather than the airlines. For whatever reason, the airline headphones always break on me. If you’ve got noise cancelling headphones, you get bonus points here!
PORTABLE CHARGER – If you’re listening to podcasts or watching videos on Youtube, you’ll probably chew through your battery power quite quickly so I like to have a portable charger on hand to keep me going.


HAND SANITISER– I don’t believe that hand sanitiser is effective in fighting germs however sometimes it’s nice to have this close by just to freshen up.
EAR PLUGS – Brilliant when you don’t have noise cancelling headphones.
SUNGLASSES – If you’re lucky enough to fly all night, then you might like a pair of sunglasses to reduce the glare from that glorious sunrise in the morning.
TOOTHBRUSH & PASTE – I like to brush my teeth during a stopover before jumping back on the plane again.
SUNSCREEN – You’d be surprised at just how harsh the UV rays are at 14,000ft.
SCRUNCHIE – I have long, straight hair and nothing makes it more flat than flying. I pop my hair up using the Silk Laundry Silk Scrunchie during flights so its bouncy and full of volume when we land.
DEODORANT – A must-have!
SKINCARE SAMPLES – The week before flying, I’ll pop into my skincare store and ask for samples of the moisturiser and serums that I use so I can continue my regime on the flight.
FACE MASK – There’s nothing like a long-haul flight to zap every inch of moisture from your skin. I love the Mecca Cosmetica Fresh Faced Face Mask. It keeps my skin looking plump and dewy on arrival especially as I don’t like to wear make-up on the plane.
EYE MASK – If you’re a light sleeper like me, you’ll thank yourself a million times over for packing this one. I like the silk one in Arctic White by Silk Magnolia.
MICELLAR WATER/ COTTON BALLS – Ditch the wipes as they’ll only add to a dry complexion. Instead use Micellar Water to keep your skin clean.
LIP BALM – For when you’ve got someone special waiting at arrivals!
BLUE BLOCK GLASSES – I didn’t have these for my flight to NYC however I just purchased a pair and during the flight, I did regret not getting a pair of these beforehand. I like Baxter Blue.


AVOCADO – Avocado is such a versatile food. Use it as a healthy fat on top of crackers or enjoy it as guacamole with some raw veggie sticks.
CRACKERS – I love taking my own crackers to ensure they’re healthy and low in sugar and salt.
ORGANIC CHOC – Another must-have! I literally love anything and everything by Pana Chocolate and Loving Earth.
PROTEIN BALLS – I made the Teresa Cutter Power Balls using my preferred protein powder. Protein Powder is notorious for giving you excess gas if you’re not used to the brand/ product and we wouldn’t want that during a long-haul flight, would we?!
BOILED EGGS– A great source of protein & fat to keep you feeling full.
TRAIL MIX – I either buy a brand that I love or take a few bits and pieces from home. I usually include Goji Berries, Tamari Almonds and The Happy Snack Co. Roasted Chickpeas.
RAW VEGGIES – I usually take beans, carrots and celery sticks.
FRUIT – The easier to eat the better in this instance so I like to take an apple or a banana. Airlines usually offer a fruit salad as a breakfast option too which is great.
PALEO BARS – You can’t go past the Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars in my opinion especially Mac’ Lemon.
SNACK PACK – If you’re a Peanut Butter fan, you’ll go crazy over this. I found this great little snack by at my local IGA by the Byron Bay Peanut Butter Co. It’s just Peanut Butter + Dried Banana Chips – absolutely delicious.

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