I’ve been a home workout girl since I had my first child – about 6 years ago. As a first-time Mum, this was the only type of workout that made sense to me and suited my new life. Since then, I’ve tried my hand at different programs to find the one I like best but always from the comfort of my home. Many online programs these days offer the added bonus of not needing any equipment however from my own experience and if you want to stick with home workouts long-term, you’ll want to have a few necessary pieces of equipment nearby. None of these items need to be expensive, in fact, I purchased almost all of my equipment from Kmart. I use everything I own often, I’ve had these things for years and they’re still in great condition. So if you’re looking to start a home workout program, I would suggest stocking up on this equipment first –


If you only buy one piece of equipment from this post, make it an exercise mat. Just ensure it’s thicker than a yoga mat though so you don’t give yourself back pain when doing certain exercises on the ground.


I have a few sets of dumbbells now however I started out with 2x 2kg dumbbells and this was all I used for the first 4yrs of my weightloss/ fitness journey. As you gain strength, you can purchase heavier dumbbells or invest in a set of adjustable dumbbells which if I had my time again, I would do as you’d only need to purchase the weight plates for this and it keeps all your equipment quite contained and minimal.


Resistance bands are incredibly versatile and a great way to increase the intensity of certain exercises. I have gone through a few different pairs including the common rubber styles from The Bod & Alexia Clark however I’d actually suggest fabric resistance bands so they don’t continuously roll up during an exercise which can be really distracting.


I use a kettlebell not just for kettlebell exercises but for a lot of exercises that call for a medicine ball as well. I have an 8kg kettlebell which I think is a great weight for beginners.


If you’re doing any type of exericse, you’ll want to introduce foam rolling throughout the week to help your muscles repair and recover so I’ve included a therapy roller as part of this blog post. I usually set aside 10-15mins at night whilst I’m watching TV and spend this time focusing on my legs, glutes, back and lats.


I wear workout gloves mostly because I have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat glands in my hands) but I also find gloves useful for preventing blisters when using weights and just being able to continue on if your hands do get sweaty during a session too. I use the Harbinger Power Gloves.

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