If you haven’t heard of Dr. Libby, then do yourself a favour and let her into your world because there is nothing but good that will come from it. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Libby speak. She is a Biochemist and a Holistic Nutritionist and an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to women’s health. She took to the stage to chat about women’s hormones and the negative effect that they can have on our health when they become imbalanced. There were countless aha moments listening to her speak, however there was one in particular, that has really stuck with me and so today I want to share that same story with you –

She referred to it as ‘why we do what we do, when we know what we know’ and she went on to discuss the fact that there are almost always emotional reasons behind why we often do things to our mind and body when we know that the outcome of doing these things is a negative one. To help us understand this, she shared one of her clients stories. She told us that during one of her health events, a woman in her 60’s sat down in front of her and confessed that she wanted to lose weight and that she was sick and tired of binge eating chocolate cake after dinner each night. From the get go, Dr. Libby knew that the woman was doing this for emotional reasons and that those emotions were far too strong to disregard on her own, so Dr. Libby started digging for more information. The woman went on to tell Dr. Libby that she grew up in Ireland with her father and her 4 brothers. Her mother had passed away when she was young. At 14yrs of age, her father shipped her off to N.Z. to live with her Aunt and after having no contact since she left, had no idea why her father wanted her brothers, but not her.

Dr. Libby could see that the woman had been living with this emotional burden for her entire adult life and suggested that instead of looking at her situation through a negative lense, that perhaps she might like to consider that her father shipped her off because he wanted her to receive a better education in a less remote part of the world or perhaps he wanted her to grow up with the influence of a woman in her life given that she was approaching adulthood. Dr. Libby then asked if it were possible for her to get in contact with her father after all these years and ask him why he made that decision all those years ago … the woman eventually got in contact with her father and so it turns out, his reasons for sending her away were exactly as Dr. Libby prescribed and it was in fact, his love for her that led to that decision. Her father had loved her so much that he wanted her to experience a better and more fulfilling life – one that he knew he could never provide.

It was from this one conversation, that the woman went on to lose a staggering amount of weight and not once did she turn to cake again as a way of suppressing her emotions, she learnt instead to enjoy it for what it was, a treat whenever the occassion arised.

For 50+ years, that woman held onto a heavy amount of emotional baggage and every night after dinner, those emotions came floating to the surface. As a form of self-sabotage and a lack of self-worth, those emotions showed up in what is commonly known as ’emotional eating’. So if you’re reading this and know that you are constantly doing something or consuming something that you know has a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, perhaps there’s more to it.  Could there be an emotional reason behind why you are doing what you are doing, when you know what you know? And if so, could unlocking that emotion and those reasons why, be the cure to a life of good health & long-lasting happiness?

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