I’m a big believer in actually wearing your clothes – all of them and as much as possible. In fact, I get the biggest thrill each time I come up with a different way to wear something. A little trick that I do every Sunday to increase the versatility of my wardrobe is to choose and take out 5 random items (don’t give this too much thought). I hang these 5 items on a different rack ready for the week ahead (I’m currently using this Mulig Rack from Ikea) and each morning, I’ll select 1x item from the rack and that’s what I’ll be¬†wearing that day. I then go ahead and style an outfit centered around that particular piece.

I’ve been doing this for some time now and have found that this is really effective in making sure that I am wearing everything I own and not just sticking to the same few things and rotating those. Oh, and not to worry if you wear a uniform for work during the week, you can easily tweak this strategy for the weekends by choosing just 2 or 3 items.

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