Do you already have something similar? 
I’ve met stacks of women who are addicted to stocking up on one particular item. Do you really need 5 leather jackets or 15 white t-shirts? Unless you are replacing an old item, it just doesn’t make sense to splurge on something you already own. The goal is to have that one prized possession and wear that item to death.

Is it an investment or a one-hit wonder?
An investment piece is something you’ll wear for years, so it needs to suit your style & your lifestyle. If it doesn’t, you won’t wear it – it will become more of a novelty item and find its place at the back of your wardrobe. Would I splurge on a pair of Celine/ Givenchy “Birkenstocks” when I’ve never found the need to buy myself a pair of actual Birkenstocks? … absolutely not.

Are you being a brand snob? 
Too many women fall in love with a brand and not the product. Forgot the designer/ brand name, if it was sold at ‘Target’, would you still wear it?

What’s your motivation?
It’s silly purchasing something purely because “all your friends have it” or “you saw Beyonce wearing it”. Do you really love it/ need it/ want it?

How often will you wear it?
Let’s cut to the chase, if you can’t wear the item with at least 5 outfits, it’s really not worth the hefty price tag.

Can you find it for less?
So you really need this item …. now’s the time to do your research! Browse the internet to find the best price. It’s crazy how different pricing can be on big ticket items.

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