Want a one-way ticket to great style? Then knowing and understanding your body shape matters. How? Because once you know the gist of your shape, then you can create balance and great style has a lot to do with balance.

Balance is achieved when we create proportions that are visually pleasing to the eye.

So if like most women, your body isn’t naturally in proportion, then you can use clothes & accessories to visually tweak your proportions which will give the illusion of a more balanced shape. To do this successfully though, you should aim to understand your body shape first – Are your hips slightly wider than your upper body? Do you have a long torso and short legs?

In an ideal world, the shape of our bodies aren’t labelled as a fruit or a geometric shape however giving your body a “label” like this, can have its merits. Stylists use the term ‘pear’ and ‘column’ shape to give women a quick visual on how their body proportions may appear from an outside perspective. People are visual creatures and giving our body shape a label or something to reference is a simple and effective way for women to quickly visualise their own body proportions to make styling their specific shape a breeze. Despite what most people think, these terms have very little to do with a persons weight.

For example, if a woman is considered a ‘pear shape’, it’s quite common to wonder whether they’re being referred to as bottom heavy or large around the hips, bottom & thighs. When in actual fact, a pear body shape can be summed up simply by a hip measurement that is roughly 8cm or more than the bust measurement. A lot of the time, if a person with a pear body shape does have weight to lose and they lose it from their hips, bottom and thighs, there’s a good chance they’ll remain a ‘pear shape’ because this label is largely based on the width of their actual hip bones in comparison to the size of their bust, not their weight at all. 

In summary, if you’re looking for a simple approach to dressing, minus the effort, then knowing and understanding the shape of your body can work wonders for your overall look.

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