I know what you’re thinking … who has one hour to dedicate to self-care?! Here me out though because this could change everything for you. Not to mention the fact, that as busy women this is such a great way to streamline everything that falls under the well-being category and I’m all about making things more simple & achievable so I can look & feel my best. I stumbled across this genius idea from Catherine at Blissful Mind.

To put it simply, the Self-Care Power Hour is one hour of your day devoted to these 3 things – 20 minutes to your mind, 20 minutes to your body and 20 minutes to your soul. It works best in the mornings in one big chunk but you can break it up throughout the day or even do it before bed which would work really well too if you’re wanting to reduce your screen-time before sleep. Most people spend more than 20 minutes on their body just exercising alone, so why not reduce the amount of time you spend on that and give this a try instead if it means you’re tackling your overall health & happiness, not just the one area?! You’ll start the day feeling more productive, you’re stress levels will decrease and your entire outlook will be more positive – that I can guarantee!



Start by choosing three activities from the list below for your mind, body, and soul. You can also think about activities you love or want to try that may not be on this list.


Set aside one hour in the morning to try this. It may seem impossible to wake up an hour earlier, but the goal is to find activities that are exciting and enjoyable enough to you that you don’t mind losing that extra hour of sleep. You could also go in baby steps and just focus on one area at a time (mind, body, or soul) for 20 minutes each day.


Do each activity for 20 minutes. Time yourself. You don’t have to go in any particular order, just choose the thing that excites you the most first. For me, I’d choose to meditate or write first, then I’d go for a walk and finish up either listening to a podcast or watching a TED talk.



Meditation . Morning Pages . Reading . Journaling . Colouring . Sudoku . Learning a Language


Walking . Yoga . Dancing . Cardio (Avoid Running) . Pilates . Stretching


Playing an Instrument . Podcasts . Reading a Non-Fiction Book . Watching TED Talks . Baking
Starting a DIY Project . Gardening


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