Coincidentally, when I was at the hairdresser recently, I read an article in a magazine about the importance of finding time to care for yourself and your body and I wanted to share some of those tips because the article mentioned a few great self-care activities that we could do depending on how much time we have available even if we only have 10-15mins.

There’s been a real shift in the way that we look after ourselves which means that these days we mostly indulge in self-care only when we’re out to impress (a man, a boss, a mean girl, our girlfriends etc.). You’ll be hard-pressed to find a handful of women nowadays that truly implement self-care into their day to day life for optimal health & wellness.¬†Given that we are are now distracted & connected 24/7, we are becoming terrible at tuning into our own bodies therefore I think it’s important now more than ever, to build self-care into our lives rather than viewing it as a ‘treat’, just as we would sleeping, eating or brushing our teeth. We prioritise things like taking the kids to soccer or making sure the dishes get done before bed so we should be able to prioritise doing things for ourselves ESPECIALLY when we are busy as this is when it is needed most.

Self-care comes in so many forms and if you’ve purchased the #MYEPICSELF Wellbeing eBook, you will have discovered a few activities that work for you. One of the most common excuses is that we don’t have time and so to combat this excuse, one of the best things we can do is to start to break our daily habits and in doing so, make time for the things that matters most. Think of those days where you feel absolutely exhausted. For most of us, this almost always ends in coming home to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and some trashy TV. Now there is nothing wrong with this but what our mind and body really wants and needs at times like this is to be ‘quiet’ – to meditate, to take a bath, to stretch, to sleep. So no matter how much time you have, here a few effective forms of self-care that you might like to try in order to break a few of your current habits –


  • MEDITATION – do a guided body scan meditation. This works best before a nap or before going to sleep.
  • GRATITUDE – Write a list of 3-5 things you are grateful for in this exact moment.


  • MUSIC – listen to upbeat music and dance like no one is watching. My kids and I blast the music almost daily and have our own little dance parties.


  • READ A MAGAZINE/ BOOK – not only is this good for the soul, it’s good for the brain too.
  • GET CREATIVE – paint, draw, build, sew, experiment with DIY activities, grow a veggie garden, de-clutter with Marie Kondo.
  • BAKE – kill two birds with one stone and prepare some healthy snacks/ treats for the week ahead. My favourites are by Teresa Cutter, JS Health or Wholefood Simply.


  • HEAD OUTDOORS – go for a walk some place beautiful, hike, sit by the water, feet buried in the sand and watch the waves roll in or lie on the grass in a beautiful garden.


  • SOCIALISE – go on a date night, organise a catch up with your girlfriends or visit family – connect, grow and strengthen your relationships.

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