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A Report + Support

Plenty of Tips & Tricks

Help Within 2 - 3 Days

Investment - $160.00

How Does It Work?

A revolutionary, one-of-its-kind, online styling consultation for the busy, modern day woman.

No matter where you live, what you’re currently wearing or how time-poor you are, this service was designed for all women. Sometimes a lady just wants to look & feel her best and teaching you how to do this online, is no trouble at all. Learn how to highlight your best features and steer eyes away from common problem areas, with this personalised service written especially for you.

Created exclusively by Elisha Casagrande and delivered in a simple, user-friendly format.

What’s more? You’ll have access to your report + all the added extras for life because honestly who wants to risk forgetting pure gold like this. This is the future of personal styling!

Please Note – 100% of fee is required upfront for this service. 

What Can You Expect?

Receive professional and personalised advice on the following & learn:

  • How to dress for your body shape including exact clothing styles to flatter your figure.
  • How to use ‘design details’ to enhance and boost your personal style.
  • What your actual ‘style’ is, how to define it and another ‘style’ to introduce which will increase the versatility of your wardrobe.
  • Hair, make-up and accessory suggestions specific to your body, face shape and colouring.
  • How to understand and use colour effectively when it comes to fashion.
  • Colours that suit your skin tone + digital colour swatches.

PLUS receive bonus information & tips on ‘wardrobe editing’ as well as a ‘wardrobe staples list’ to ensure future successful dressing.

Client Testimonials

“Wow! So much information – what a comprehensive report! Thank you. Your guidance really is appreciated.

You were absolutely right in my ‘style personality’ and my current wardrobe definitely doesn’t reflect my lifestyle. I also found the style personality section to be really beneficial as past celebrities I have looked to for outfit inspiration haven’t really been ‘me’ and I end up buying one off pieces that I don’t end up wearing!

The shape section was great too!

Again, thank you so much and I look forward to continuing to browse through your blog posts and would love to know more about your online shopping service – just to help me get a few great pieces in my wardrobe.”

– Kimberley ARMSTRONG

“Thanks so much for all this information. This is exactly what I wanted – someone to just tell me what would suit me. In the past I had tried to work some of these things out by myself, but always struggled. For example, I could never quite work out my face shape or my colouring on my own. I love how you’ve dealt with all the aspects of clothing too with the pattern, the colours, the depth of colours, fabrics and lines as well as all the extra bits – hair, make-up, accessories, shoes, etc.

It’s very detailed and I’m looking forward to finding some new items for my wardrobe. I’m thinking I’ll start with getting my hair done as you’ve suggested and then work my way through the wardrobe staples using your tips.”


“Oh Wow … WOW!

You sure have made my week! I bet you make lots of people’s week, your work was fabulous.

Thank you so very much Elisha!!! My report was massive and very, very thoughtfully prepared; so much comprehensive detail and very easy for me to navigate. You have very intelligent ideas and I really appreciate the clarity of your writing. Some of your key sentences have become a bit of a mantra!

I am really keen to study your report and make inspired changes. You’ve given me some awesome ingredients and principles and I’m off and away to start creating now. You have helped me very much, changed my outfit outlook, given me some solid guidance and I’m really looking forward to getting amongst it.

I appreciate all your work, you are certainly in the right job and I wish you very well in your profession!”

Elizabeth PAGAN

“I just wanted to let you know that 5 days on, I am a new woman! I have culled my wardrobe & worked out what basics are missing. I have gone from being confused and uncomfortable about what I was wearing to purchasing new items for my wardrobe confidently.

I actually bought a stack of items online by following your tips as to what colours I should buy. I paid attention to the little things, details that drew the eye up to my most flattering features, the necklines of clothing and the length of clothes. I cannot believe that all of the items look amazing on AND fit perfectly! I know the purchases may still be a little ‘black’ heavy, but there is colour in there slowly but surely. I just need to buy some bright accessories to wear with the black.”



How do you work out my body shape and colouring online?

All good Stylists should be able to identify someone’s body shape and colouring simply by looking at them. This aside, all Online Styling clients receive an email outlining specific information that I require from you to be able to complete your report. This includes measurements and photos, plus answers to a few short quizzes to better understand your lifestyle, your style and colouring.

Does this service include information on my best colours?

Absolutely! In fact, an Online Consult includes much more than a few colour swatches. My consults include information which will help you understand colour and the difference between cool vs warm colouring, your most flattering colours and of course, digital colour swatches.

How long does an Online Styling consult take?

After receiving your personal information, usually reports are sent within 3-4 days. During busy periods, please allow 1 week to receive your report.

Why do you offer online consults and not face-to-face consults?

After launching my online consult, it quickly became my most popular service and for good reason – I can now help women both interstate & worldwide, not just those who live in Brisbane. My availability is much more efficient online with a maximum turn-around time of 1 week. My face-to-face clients were having to wait 4-6 months for their appointments. Online consults are convenient, completed around my clients busy schedules plus your report is accessible at all times therefore the information included won’t be forgotten within a few months.

What if I don't understand some of my Online Styling consult?

All clients receive email support once their report has been sent.
Still not sure? I also offer hourly Skype chats ($75/ HR) to make sure you understand completely and feel confident in moving forward with your style.

How much is this service and how do I pay?

The fee for this service is $160 (AUD).
To make a booking, either click the below ‘Enquire Now‘ button or visit the ‘Contact‘ page. From here, I will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your booking and arrange payment via direct debit.

How will I receive my Online Styling consult?

A report is sent to your email address in .pdf format.

Can an Online Styling consult be given as a gift?

Of course – it’s literally the gift that lasts a lifetime! Gift Certificates can be purchased directly via my website.

I have another question?

No troubles at all. Please email me directly at, should you have any further questions that haven’t been answered.

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