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How Does It Work?

When it comes to online shopping, there are two types of women – those who love it & those who hate it! Those who hate it usually find themselves simply overwhelmed by the whole experience – unsure of what they’re looking for, no idea how to find it or how to even start.

When you know how to navigate your way around the web, shopping online is rewarding but more importantly, it’s efficient. Armed with a coveted online database plus a little know-how, Elisha will help you track down those hard-to-find pieces at a price that suits you.

Not only will you find exactly what you’re looking for but your confidence to shop online will thrive. This means you’ll begin to shop smart and with purpose in the future. Not to mention, you’ll discover a heap of online stores & brands that’ll make even the most fashion-savvy jealous!

Please Note – 100% of fee is required 1-2 days following this service.
All clothing options are sent to client prior to receiving payment. 

What Can You Expect?

Receive professional and personalised advice on the following & learn:

  • Where to shop online for garments and/ or outfits on your wishlist.
  • How to shop strategically and with purpose.
  • How to shop successfully with a budget in tow.
  • How to locate styles that suit your body shape in an online environment full of ‘trend’ items.
  • How to shop online more efficiently for future reference.
  • Which online stores & brands are recommended by Elisha.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much for helping me shop.
It was so much easier and less stressful for me having you do all the hard work!

I’ll probably just let you know whenever I need new clothes from now on, if that’s okay with you?!?

– Anna HORNSBY (25yrs)

“My date night dress was a knock out sensation. I wore the dress you suggested I buy – the bloke’s mouth literally dropped open when he saw me!! I’ve NEVER had that happen. I felt like I was floating all evening. Thank you so much. I felt so womanly and I felt young again. I think there is hope for me yet. You have helped me turn my life around Elisha.

– Linda SHEVELLAR (45yrs)

“Wow, awesome. You have done an incredible job, definitely getting you to do all my shopping from now on.”

– Sharon TOOTH (60yrs)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you!! The compliments and looks I have been getting over the last week have been sensational. I love being able to go to my wardrobe and not stress out! My husband has already commented on how much quicker I can just find outfits and how less stressed out I am. I’ve not worn the same thing twice and have been getting creative with my blazers & patterned dresses.. who would have thought. So exciting! Thank you.

– Liana HOWARD (32yrs)


Why don't you shop in a store and/ or centre?

I’ve spent years shopping in centres and personally I’ve found that shopping online is so much more successful, especially in the long run.
I think it’s actually impossible for a Stylist to track down the same number of options in a shopping centre as I can online, so the chances of you settling for a piece of clothing that is “less than perfect”, is much higher and often ends in regret. Also, finding the best price and sticking to a budget is easier online and reduces the risk of impulse buying. Lastly, if a client has completed an Online Styling Consult, they’ll know which clothes and colours suit them more. Trying to locate these exact styles and colours is very difficult in stores that are flooded with clothes & accessories that are considered ‘on trend’.

Once you know how to navigate the web and can shop online with confidence, the benefits far outweigh shopping in a store/ centre.

How do you know what clothes and colours suit me?

Most of the time, women that go ahead with my Online Shopping service are existing clients who have already completed an Online Styling Consult. This means I already know their style, body shape and colouring which heavily reduces the time it takes to shop online.

If you haven’t completed an Online Styling Consult with me, you will receive an email requesting a few details from you before starting your Online Shopping. This will give me an idea on your body shape, colouring and lifestyle, therefore the options I source for you will be perfectly suited.

Do you shop for single items or entire outfits?

Both, depending on what you’re hoping to locate/ purchase. I’ve shopped online for entire wardrobes for those women wanting to start from scratch.

What if I want to try things on before buying?

If you like to try things on, let me know and I’ll source options from retail stores close to your location (availability not always guaranteed). From here, you can go in store and try each option on. This service also includes a few of my tips to reduce your returns, so you can begin to purchase online more frequently with confidence.

Do you shop with a budget?

Always! Occasionally, I’ll find an item that I think is perfect and this might be slightly higher than your budget. If so, I’ll still include multiple options within your budget but I will also include the more expensive item for your consideration.

Do you send through just 1 option per item of clothing?

Very rarely, unless that one item is exactly what the client is looking to purchase.
Usually, I include multiple options per clothing item. This gives you more choice when it comes to pricing, colour and shipping.

How do I receive my Online Shopping options?

Your options are sent to your email address in .pdf format.
Each clothing/ accessory item includes direct links for you to click through and browse each option yourself.

How long will it take to shop online for me?

This depends on the amount of items you are wanting to locate/ purchase. As a general guide, 1 or 2 items is usually charged at approx. 1 HOUR (with multiple options supplied). An entire outfit or 3 to 5 items is usually charged at approx. 2 HOURS (with multiple options supplied).

How much is this service and how do I pay?

The service is charged at a rate of $50 (AUD) / HR.
To arrange a booking, either click the below ‘Enquire Now‘ button or visit the ‘Contact‘ page. From here, I will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your booking and arrange payment via direct debit.

I have another question?

No troubles at all. Please email me directly at, should you have any further questions that haven’t been answered.

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