Together we’ll increase the wearability of your existing wardrobe. You’ll be surprised at how many outfits you have in there.


Need a little or a lot of help? You decide! Flexible plans available to suit your budget & the amount of help you’d like.


Prefer to try before you buy? If so, I can point you in the right direction by shopping at sites that have a retail store too.


All clothes, accessories  and outfits are chosen to flatter & highlight your specific body shape and skin-tone.


If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own Stylist, then this is for you – created for the busy, modern day woman. This is the future of Personal Styling! 

Shopping & dressing can be a very overwhelming experience for a lot of women – with so many stores and so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to invest your time & money. 

This is where I come in …

Working 1-on-1 with an experienced Stylist means that you no longer have to think about what to wear or how you’ll wear it. I have spent the last few years immersing myself in the world of online styling and as a result, I’ve learnt how to navigate my way around the web with huge success. Armed with my coveted database of online stores/ brands, shopping online has become the new ‘normal’ for my clients, but more importantly, it’s the most efficient way to shop. 

I have designed this service to work alongside your existing wardrobe by making good use of everything you already own, including all of your much-loved clothes, shoes & accessories. Together we will create a catalogue of outfits from your existing wardrobe but what’s more, we’ll multiply the number of outfits you have by including specific items that I suggest for you each season or to fill in any gaps that I may see.

Save money by letting me shop for you and save time knowing that you’ve always got a flattering outfit on hand that is perfectly suited to you & your lifestyle.

Please Note – This is an ongoing membership service.
All available payment plans will be discussed during our initial Style Chat.  


This service kicks off with –

  • A free, no-strings-attached, 30 minute Style Chat via phone or Skype before you commit to this service. During this chat, we will discuss your current pain points, payment plans to suit your budget, how this service operates effortlessly from your mobile phone on a simple, user-friendly platform plus it also gives me a chance to determine if we are able to work together to achieve your specific goals.

Once signed up, we’ll transform your style with –

  • A questionnaire to determine your colouring + you’ll also receive a ‘New Client Form’ to fill in before we start.
  • A run-through of an exclusive online platform that we will both use to access your existing wardrobe, the clothes & accessories I suggest for you and your catalogue of outfits. 
  • Online support during business hours as detailed in the membership plan you choose.

Receive qualified, personalised advice on the following & learn –

  • Where to shop online for clothes, shoes & accessories.
  • How to shop with a budget both strategically and with purpose.
  • What clothes to wear & colours to choose for your body shape & skin-tone.
  • How to increase the versatility of your wardrobe.


“Thank you so much for helping me shop.
It was so much easier and less stressful for me having you do all the hard work!

I’ll probably just let you know whenever I need new clothes from now on, if that’s okay with you?!?

– Anna HORNSBY (25yrs)

“My date night dress was a knock out sensation. I wore the dress you suggested I buy – the bloke’s mouth literally dropped open when he saw me!! I’ve NEVER had that happen. I felt like I was floating all evening. Thank you so much. I felt so womanly and I felt young again. I think there is hope for me yet. You have helped me turn my life around Elisha.

– Linda SHEVELLAR (45yrs)

“Wow, awesome. You have done an incredible job, definitely getting you to do all my shopping from now on.”

– Sharon TOOTH (60yrs)

“I can’t speak highly enough of Elisha and her services! I sent her a long wishlist of clothing I needed for work, for weekends, and for my upcoming wedding celebrations.

Within a week I was ordering my new pieces – what a seamless and efficient way to shop! Every item she selected for me was spot on for style and colour. She took the time to get to know me and my style which meant each and every item could have ended up in my wardrobe. The hardest part was actually choosing what not to buy.

I will definitely be asking for her assistance again whether its updating my wardrobe or choosing the next special item.”

– Jillian PANCOTT (31yrs)


Why do you shop online and not in a store/ centre?

I spent the first few years of my styling career shopping in centres and personally I’ve found that shopping online is much more successful, especially in the long term.
It’s actually impossible to track down the same number of options in a shopping centre as I can online, so the chances of having to settle for an outfit that is “less than perfect”, is much higher in a physical store and often ends in regret. Also, finding the best price and sticking to a budget is easier online and heavily reduces the risk of impulse buying. Lastly, trying to locate specific clothing styles and colours can be very difficult when stores are flooded with clothes & accessories that are simply considered ‘on trend’.

Once you know how to navigate the web and can shop online with confidence, the benefits far outweigh shopping in a store/ centre.

How will you know what clothes & accessories I already have in my wardrobe?

Once signed up, you will gain access to an exclusive online platform.

This platform is accessible from your mobile phone and once logged in, you will see a ‘closet’ section. In this section, you are able to easily upload photos of every item you own including all clothes, shoes & accessories so I can then see & keep track of every item in your wardrobe. The process to take a photo and upload it to this platform is less than 30secs per item.

How will you know what clothes & colours suit me?

Before we start, you will receive a request for some information including your measurements plus a questionnaire.
From here, I can determine your style, brands you like, your current body shape & colouring and therefore the options I source will be perfectly suited to you.

What if I want to try things on before buying?

If you prefer to try things on, let me know and I’ll source options from retail stores only that are located near your location (availability not always guaranteed). This way, you are able to go into the store and try each option on before you commit to purchasing.

Do I have to buy everything you suggest for me?

Absolutely not. You decide what and how much you’d like to purchase based on your budget. There is no pressure to purchase. This service is less about buying particular products and more about learning what suits you as an individual.

Do you shop with a budget?

Always! Occasionally, I’ll find an item that I think is perfect for you and this might be slightly higher than your budget. If so, there is no pressure at all to purchase.

How can I access my outfits & online shopping?

Once signed up, you will be given your own private log-in to the platform that we will use. This platform is simple, user-friendly and can be accessed either by mobile phone or desktop computer.

How much does this service cost?

This is a membership service with 3 different payment plans available to suit all budgets. Each membership package (Lite, Medium or VIP) will be discussed during our inital Style Chat before we begin.

To apply for Outfit Styling, either click the below ‘‘Apply Now‘ button or visit the ‘Contact‘ page. From here, I will be in touch within 24-48 hours to book in a Style Chat either over the phone or via Skype.

I have another question?

No troubles at all. Please email me directly at info@elishacasagrande.com.au, should you have any further questions that haven’t been answered.

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