If you feel like you’re in a funk with your style, an easy way to fix this would be to duck out to the shops and purchase something new & exciting for yourself, however this is just a temporary solution and will only fuel the problem long term. My advice is to get creative with your existing wardrobe first. 9 times out of 10, there is a stack of unworn and unknown outfits lurking in there – you just haven’t discovered them yet. So next time you’re feeling a bit lacklustre with your style, try a few of these ideas –


When feeling uninspired, the first thing we tend to do is throw on an all black outfit and be done with it-  almost as if we’re hiding behind our dark clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love and often wear head to toe black but I’m referring to those outfits that are either head to toe activewear, include bad quality leggings or sweatpants and have been thrown on with very little thought (comfort aside). A great little challenge is to remove every item of black clothing from your wardrobe for an entire week. In doing so, you’ll be forced to rummage a little deeper into your wardrobe and perhaps wear something you haven’t worn for a long time.


This is for the serious punters wanting more bang for their buck. Play around, experiment and try to wear one item of clothing every day for a week, styling it slightly different each time you wear it. To make things easier and a lot less obvious, I’d suggest choosing a basic item such as a t-shirt, shirt or pair of jeans etc.


Small styling details such as rolling sleeves, tying shirts and cuffing trousers can make a big difference to your overall look. It’s usually the difference between an outfit looking quite stiff & uncomfortable as opposed to it looking effortless. More importantly, you’ll probably find that by doing this, it actually makes an item of clothing more flattering on your body shape. Experiment with rolling, tying & cuffing to see what you can come up with.


Think outside the box and ask yourself, can this item be worn another way, other than it’s original purpose? Do you have a swimsuit that could double as a bodysuit or a bikini top that could be worn as a crop top? How about a pair of jeans that could be layered under a dress? Could your favourite skirt be worn as a dress by cinching in the waist with a belt? Doing a quick Google or Pinterest search (eg. different ways to wear a skirt) can provide a lot of creative styling ideas.


In my opinion, the one thing that gives your clothes more mileage is colour and the way you wear colour in an outfit. I go into detail about this in #MYEPICSELF Fashion. Having fun with different colour schemes can take an item of clothing and make it suited to lots of different occassions (think loungewear to cocktail party in a matter of minutes).


When you see an outfit on somebody else, often you’ll feel more confident to give it a go yourself. You can visualise the whole outfit and it works! Spend some time collecting outfit inspiration from some of your favourite celebrities/ social influencers and re-create these looks yourself using items that you already own. It doesn’t matter if the complete outfit isn’t exactly the same, just try your best and aim for one or two outfits that are a sit a little out of your comfort zone.


A very simple trick is to add a bold lip or bright set of nails to your finished look. This is proven to boost confidence which may be all you need to get those creative juices flowing.


Giving complete control to someone else can be really empowering and often results in a big break-through. Having another set of eyes look through your wardrobe will guarantee that you’ll be forced to wear something you perhaps wouldn’t usually and this can be really powerful. The more open you are to this experience, the better the outcome will be, so hand the reigns over and see what new outfits emerge.

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