Argh jeans … you either love or hate them though I sit firmly on the ‘can’t live without them’ side of the fence! I have invested so much time and energy into denim, not only because I wear jeans more than anything else but because jeans are always at the top of the list for my online shopping clients so it’s safe to say, I’ve done my research. In this post, I’m going to share a few of my favourite brands – the ones I head to first. A couple of these are local because you all know how much I love supporting local but two are are international brands because when it comes to price & quality – you can’t go wrong!!


It wouldn’t be a post on wardrobe staples without including one of my favourites – Assembly Label. All of their denim sits around $100 AUD which for an Aussie designer is a real bargain. Often, you can pick up a discount though when The Iconic has a sale. Their styles are fuss-free, minimal in detailing which is always more flattering to wear and for those that get overwhelmed by too many options, you won’t with this brand. They choose a few simple styles each season and absolutely nail the cut and colour. Also, all of their denim is 100% cotton which means that they won’t stretch out of shape which I love.


Another amazing Aussie brand is Nobody Denim. They have a tonne of styles and cater to almost anyone/ everyone. Their prices are more expensive at about $150 – $300 AUD but they know what they’re doing and I can guarantee that their denim will last longer than any pet would so it’s worth the investment. I tend to recommend their slim/ straight styles the most and I’m yet to hear anything but positive feedback from my clients.


If you know me, you’ll know that I own quite a few pairs of ASOS jeans. Now ASOS stock a huge amount of brands but it’s ASOS DESIGN (their own brand) that I swear by when it comes to denim. Personally, I love a high-waist so I’m a big fan of the ‘Farleigh’ style. The most you can expect to pay is about $70 AUD with great discounts popping up all the time. Most of their denim has either 1-2% elastane which is the limit for me.

ASOS DESIGN Curve also offer a really great range of colours and styles for those that struggle to find great jeans in a size that fits their hips/ butt and still looks flattering on the waist.


Lastly, another international favourite is MANGO. Again, the price is unbeatable for the incredible quality and they have a great range of cuts and styles. They don’t offer a huge range of “trendy” jeans, mostly just the classics and that’s also why I love them because I know I can jump on their site and grab a pair that I love and will wear for years. Their Fit Finder is also one of the best I’ve found online.


Levi’s take the cake for being one of my favourites for the longest amount of time. They are at the top of their game and my pick especially for women with an A body shape (wider hips & thighs). Just Jeans stock their 311 style which I love and recommend to so many women. The price point is reasonable – you can expect to pay just over $100 AUD for a pair that will last the distance.

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