Whether you’re a die-hard fan of trend reports or couldn’t care less about what’s considered “on trend”, there’s no denying that some things in fashion just tend to last. They might get pushed aside for a year or two while the hottest thing this Season hits stores but you know they’ll be back and when they do, you’ll wish you kept hold off them. Below I’ve rounded up a few “lasting trends”, so if you’ve got any of these lurking in your home, be sure to hold on tight –


A prints that goes with anything & everything. Leopard print shines as a statement or blends just as well as a neutral- every wardrobe could do with a little leopard.


A classic stripe in either black, blue or red needs no explanation. If it’s considered a staple in most french wardrobes, then it’ll always be a staple for us too.


It wouldn’t be a blog post written by me without mentioning monochrome. Elegant, polished & timeless – what’s not to love?!


I can’t imagine a time where denim of some description isn’t on high rotation. There’s a wash, fit & style perfect for everyone.


From deep burgundy to tomato red,¬†there’s a bold red lip to suit all skin tones – a simple solution to lift any outfit.


Easily one of the most versatile accessories and a must-have for women of all ages, there is nothing a pair of sunglasses can’t fix!

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