It’s no secret that dressing in one colour (monochromatic) is my preferred colour scheme. Visual benefits aside, I actually think it’s a very simple colour scheme to experiment with and gives clothes plenty of mileage which we all know I’m keen about. For those unfamiliar, dressing monochromatically is wearing one colour – any colour – from head to toe in any shade or tint (eg. dark blue jeans with a light blue top OR a light lilac skirt with a dark plum top).

Visually, it works really well for two reasons –

  • Colour is the first thing most people notice about an outfit therefore people will find your outfit inspiring even at first glance.
  • Dressing in one colour creates a strong unbroken vertical line that lengthens the look of the body.

These two factors when combined create a very powerful slimming tool. After giving this theory a test drive themselves, a lot of my clients use this colour scheme as their go-to. On the odd occasion though, I’ll be asked my advice on how to keep outfits interesting if only wearing colour, so I’ve included a few tips & tricks below –

Use texture to add interest (ruffles, pleats, leather, suede, velvet, wool, silk etc.) 

Wear the brightest colour near your face to draw attention upwards.

Add a contrasting jacket but keep the inner silhouette completely monochromatic.

One last tip – when wearing different bold colours, be mindful and remember that this can visually divide the body into sections and a body divided appears shorter and heavier. For instance – a white top worn with a dark skirt can visually divide the body in half but when you wear a dark jacket over the top, you create a monochromatic outer silhouette which will be far more flattering.

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