When it comes to all things fashion, interiors, personal possessions etc. I’m a minimalist in every sense. I feel easily stressed & overwhelmed if I’m surrounded by lots of visual “noise” such as clutter, prints & patterns. For me though, the same can’t be said about colour because I absolutely love colour which isn’t very common for a minimalist. I love the way I feel when I wear colour and I love the fact that colour can create a mood. Over the years though, I’ve had to work out how to merge my love for minimalism with my love of colour to come up with a defined personal style that truly feels like me, so with that said, this is how I like to wear colour –


As a Personal Stylist, wearing my most flattering colours only is important to me. There are a few shades of colours that I’d never wear personally because I know they aren’t included as part of my “colour palette”. This means that when I wear these particular shades, they instantly create a washed-out effect which if I want to look my best, I aim to avoid. If you’re unsure which colours are best suited to your skin-tone, you can download your FREE digital colour swatches with a copy of my Fashion eBook. This way, you’ll always have a digital set nearby if you’re shopping either online or in store.


If I’m wearing something that’s coloured, most of the time, I’ll style that item back with neutrals – black, white, grey or denim to lower the intensity and create less of a ‘wow’ factor. This suits my personal style and creates a polished look without coming across to others as intimidating or unapproachable.


On the flip side though, every now and then, I like to use my most flattering colours to my advantage and wear a head-to-toe monochromatic outfit. To an onlooker, monochromatic outfits look quite polished and refined without looking overly busy + the slimming effect that you get from wearing colour head-to-toe is too good to ignore.


For most minimalists, the thought of wearing any type of coloured clothes is too much and so it can be a nice alternative to introduce colour through your accessories. Accessories have the power to really draw attention to and away from specific areas of the body and even more so when they’re coloured, so use this simple strategy to create an outfit that really highlights and shows off your best assets.

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