One of my beautiful clients reached out recently wanting me to share a few tips on how to wear a belt and more specifically, if you even need to wear a belt on some occasions. In the #MYEPICSELF Fashion eBook, I’ve got an entire section dedicated to the horizontal details of an outfit (such as a belts) and the huge impact these horizontals can have both positively and negatively on how you look.

There are a lot of old school rules surrounding belts. In fact, my uncle made a comment on my own decision not to wear a belt with a pair of jeans recently claiming that that’s why jeans have belt loops. Whilst he wasn’t wrong, it’s important to remember that there aren’t necessarily any rules that apply here and that wearing a belt can be really flattering on some body shapes and really unflattering on others. Here are a few things to consider before deciding to belt or not –


Placement is critical. As I explain in my Fashion eBook, the area in which you place a belt is the area in which most people are going to look first so make sure it’s an area that you want to highlight. For some body shapes, drawing attention to the hips isn’t always flattering so deciding not to wear a hip belt is going to work best for them. As a result, they might choose to wear a waist belt instead to draw attention here. Another great example of how placement can work in your favour is by wearing a belt at waist height for those who are considered long waisted. This will create the illusion of a shorter waist therefore creating more balanced proportions.


The width of a belt is also something to consider and how thick you choose really depends on your individual style aims. As a very general guide, the thicker the belt, the more the body will become shorter visually because the overall length of your body will be divided in half where the belt is placed. The thinner the belt, the less impact this has.


The brighter, bolder and more contrasting the colour, the more a belt will become a focal point – so again, be mindful about where you place loud belts. If you are wearing a pair of red trousers and you style these with a red belt (similar to the image below), the less attention the area where worn will receive.


Are you wearing a belt just because there are belt loops or are you wearing a belt to cinch in the waist of an over-sized pair of trousers? It’s important to ask yourself why you are considering a belt and if wearing a belt will actually look more flattering on your body shape. Let’s take my uncle’s comment  – on that particular day I was wearing a white t-shirt and white jeans (monochromatic colour scheme) so I chose not to wear a belt because a. I was wearing a monochromatic colour scheme on purpose to visually lengthen the look of my body therefore a belt would have ruined the lengthening effect, b. I didn’t own a white belt and c. leaving a few details undone works with my defined personal style and the look I like to create.

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