If you’re not currently living your best life, I can pretty much guarantee that I know the reason why! Regardless of what it is – perhaps you’re in a job that you don’t enjoy, a relationship that’s going nowhere or a body that you don’t love, there is always one common denominator – FEAR.

Early last year, I was introduced to Mastin Kipp through my studies with IIN – an absolute superhuman when it comes to showing people how to discover their purpose and in doing so, live their best life. Mastin has spent his career proving that we should be using fear as a compass to show us where to go and that the quality of our life is directly related to the amount of uncertainty that we can comfortably live with.

In one of Mastin’s lectures, he revealed a specific set of questions that we can use and reflect on to be able to take action in the face of fear and break through a lot of barriers as a result! In this post, I want to share these questions with you because most of us knowing or unknowingly have a little (or a lot!) of fear that is holding us back from reaching our full potential and it doesn’t have to be this way.


  • What are 5 things you’ve been putting off doing?
  • What’s the absolute worst possible thing that could happen if you did the things that you are terrified to do?
  • Now ask yourself this – Is the worst possible outcome really going to happen and even if that does happen, what’s worse – THAT or dying with regret?


  • What are 2 things that you could do starting now to take action on the things that you’re terrified to do?

By the way, these action steps need to be specific. You can’t just say that you need to love yourself because honestly, what does that even mean?! Your courageous action step should be scary so you might say that in order for me to fall in love with myself again, I need to take half a day every single Sunday to spend on me and my well-being.

What you’ll find by taking these courageous action steps is that there is a very fine line between excitement and exhilaration and once you get into it, you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long?!

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