I’ve had a lot of women tell me that shirts in particular, aren’t their thing. No matter what they do, they can’t pull one off and feel frumpy when they wear one. If this is you, there’s a few things you can do to make a shirt suit your body shape a little more. Throughout my digital personal styling guide, I talk about the huge difference tucking a top can make to your overall look. Just to clarify as well, when I say “top”, I’m talking about t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, camisoles etc. Basically, if you wear it on your upper body and it ends at your butt, there’s a good chance that it can be “tucked” in some way –

The T-Shirt Tuck

Whether you prefer yours tucked loosely into a side pocket or waistband, this little trick has magic powers that will lift any outfit. A word of warning though – don’t be tempted to dive too deep with your tuck, you could create a pulling effect across the tummy area and that doesn’t look good. The more fabric that casually drapes across your hip, the better. Don’t over-think it!

The Shirt Tuck

The hardest part about the shirt tuck is trying to decide which look you want – a classic or creative vibe?

  • For the classic beauties – you’ll want to do the full-tuck. Tuck your shirt completely, but loose enough so that it doesn’t create bulges.
  • If you’re feeling a little more daring, then wear a shirt with bottoms that have a lower-rise so you can create the half-tuck. Button your shirt in line with your waistband (stop where the buttons meet your waistband) and loosely tuck one side, letting the other side hang out.

The Knit Tuck

As for knitwear – play around & experiment to work out which tuck suits you and highlights your best features. Personally, I think that chunky knits look great tucked into slouchy trousers and/ or stiff & structured skirts. Fine knits tend look best tucked into midi-skirts, tailored trousers or anything that shows a bit off leg – tuck the knit completely and let it drape over your waistband.

No matter what tuck you choose, the key to nailing this look, is to make it look effortless and you can do this by giving some thought to your sleeves too. Full length sleeves can draw our eyes to the hips, bottom & thighs, so if you’re not so keen on highlighting this area, roll your sleeves to a more flattering length (usually the lower waist), I promise you’ll notice a difference.


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