A few weeks ago, I went on a family getaway for 8 days and boasted about my ability to pack less my husband. Since then, I’ve had quite a few people get in touch and ask my advice on packing light when travelling so I thought I’d share my process with you because truth be told, I had no idea that I used an actual “method” until I sat down and wrote it all out. Let me introduce you to the 1/2 concept – a formula of sorts that I’ve coined my own and use often when I’m away for longer than a weekend.

As with most things I advocate, this method is quite simple. Basically, take the total number of days that you’re on holiday, halve it and that’s the number of tops you’ll pack first (you can also include outerwear here if need be). From here, you simply work your way down in number to include additional items such as bottoms & shoes, dresses & swimsuits (OR ski gear for instance) & accessories.

Obviously, you are more than welcome to include more or less than what I’ve mentioned here however if the aim is to pack light, then you’ll want to take just the bare minimum as outlined below –

When choosing your items, it’s a great idea to give some thought to a colour palette – selecting just a few versatile colours will give you more opportunity to mix & match. Naturally, I often lean towards black & white as a base and for this particular getaway, I chose 3 accent colours (red, navy & green) which were used to inject a little personality/ fun into my outfits.  A few other things to point out –

  • Remember that shirts can also be worn open and used as a cover-up at the beach.
  • One-piece swimsuits can usually be styled as a bodysuit also. Some bikini tops can work well as a crop top & styled with high-waisted skirts/ bottoms.
  • Dresses should be versatile where possible. Can you style them differently by layering them under or over certain items? – I wore a similar red dress layered over red trousers (see below) but tied it at the waist so it looked like a statement blouse rather than a dress.
  • 1 or 2 prints will keep your outfits interesting – too many prints and you you’ll find it hard to mix & match.
  • Shoes should be chosen with activities in mind – think beach, shopping, museum, exercise, dinner, spa etc. As my holiday was coastal, I could definitely wear a nice pair of flats out at night so this helped reduce the number of shoes that I needed to pack.

So although you could create more options than what I’ve shown below, here are the 14 outfits that I wore during my 8 days, keeping in mind that a lot of the time we were either at the beach or somewhere more casual during the day and went to dinner a few nights which required a slightly dressier outfit.


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