I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth anyone would want to eat less when food is just so damn tasty, right?! Well, it’s not about wanting to eat less, it’s about acknowledging we should¬†probably be eating a little less. You see, hunger is an important and natural signal from the body however it’s a signal that’s becoming increasingly hard to detect. Why? Because as a society, we are eating more than ever and as a result, our appetites are larger than ever which means that we are slowly losing touch of what it feels like to be genuinely hungry. So in order for us to regain that sense of hunger, here are a few simple ways to reduce your appetite between meals –


Aim to drink a glass of water before each meal rather than sipping water during a meal. Drinking during a meal can interfere with digestion, therefore get your fluids in before eating and you’ll reap the added bonus of feeling full more quickly too.


Load up your plate with lots of low calorie, nutrient-dense foods such as fruit, vegetables & leafy greens. These foods should take up almost 3/4 of the plate.


Prioritise the amount of lean protein you consume during each meal. Lean protein keeps you fuller for longer and will help to reduce cravings. Examples of lean protein are white fish, skinless chicken, lean beef and pork, egg whites, beans and legumes.


Portion control is largely caused by mind over matter so use smaller plates to counteract this. Our serving plates are getting bigger and with this, comes the want to pile on the food so it looks like a normal sized meal. Visually, if we see a small amount of food on a large plate, our brain will tell us its not enough and that we need to eat more.


Ditch the packaging and eat from a plate or bowl. Eating straight from the package, will see you consume more calories than you actually need plus it goes against everything I bang on about, with regards to being more mindful when eating.


If like 90% of women, treats/ dessert after dinner are your weakness, brush your teeth as soon as you’ve finished eating your main meal. You’ll be less likely to eat/ want to eat once you’ve gone to the effort of brushing.

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