We all have 24hrs in a day, but some people manage their time so well that it seems as though, they never go to sleep! I’ve been asked how I manage to juggle everything so many times that I thought it might be useful to write a dedicated post about the tools that I use to help me achieve everything I want to achieve.


Fortunately, I’ve always been a morning person so this comes quite naturally to me however since having kids, I do get up earlier than I once would have liked, just so I can fit everything in. For the past two years, I’ve been working on consistently waking up at roughly the same time each day (even on the weekends). Not only is this great for my body clock which helps me to sleep well during the night but it means that I’ve tackled a heck of a lot before the kids even start their day. I currently wake up at 5.30am and the kids wake at 7am so this gives me 1.5 hours each morning specifically for me.


I’m a big fan of lists and most nights, I’ll spend a minute or two before bed jotting down what needs to be done the next day. I also make a point of knocking off what I would consider the things that don’t “excite me” or the things that are the most important FIRST before moving through the list.


Depending on the day, I’ll usually use the 1.5 hours that I have first thing in the morning on either self-care or doing something urgent for a client. 6 out of 7 days though, I’ll dedicate this time to self-care which does mean different things to different people. For me, this means attempting meditation (still working on this), exercising, stretching and taking a few minutes to breathe before the chaos of the day begins. You’ll be amazed at just how much you can accomplish if you’re working from a glass that is half full rather than half empty!


Life is busy & full and these days, it’s very easy to forget about our goals with so much going on throughout the day. Often its the small, mundane tasks that get in the way of us achieving our bigger goals. Being aware of this though is key and actually allocating and penciling in time each day to work towards those bigger goals is crucial and I make a conscious effort to do this as much as possible.

Here’s a quick visualisation that helps with time management –

  • Picture a bowl of almonds. The almonds represent the daily tasks you have going on in your life (walk the dog, catch-up with family/ friends, clean the house, take the kids to sports etc.)
  • Picture a handful of kiwifruits. The kiwifruits represent the major goals in your life that you want to accomplish (buy a house, study, travel to Europe, own my own business).
  • Picture a glass jar. The glass jar represents your life and the time you have to accomplish your goals.
  1. Pour the almonds into the glass jar. Put in a kiwifruit sporadically. The result – not everything fits.
    Things fill up and there isn’t enough room in your life to accomplish what you want to accomplish.
  2. Now this time, put all the kiwifruits into the jar first. Pour in the almonds and the result – everything fits!

As you can see, it’s really important to firstly identify what the top four or five big things (goals) are that you want to get gone. Before doing anything else, focus on these goals a little every day, no matter what. Plan out your day/ week with these goals in mind and keep going!

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