If you’ve spent longer than a day or two away from home, then you’ll know that eating out 3x times a day with or without kids adds up quite quickly. What’s worse, it tends to add a few unwanted kilos too.

In this post, I want to share some of my tips when it comes to eating healthy whilst travelling and without blowing your entire travel budget on food.


I aim for 2 meals per day eating in and just the one meal eating out. I usually eat breakfast and dinner in my hotel/ apartment because I find that you when you’re travelling you spend most of the day out and about. This of course, can change depending on what you have on. If I knew I was going to be out at night, I’d switch this up and have my breakfast & lunch at home and most of the time, I’ll just have leftovers as my lunch from the night before.

If I knew though that I would be out for both lunch and dinner, I’d just buy some snack-type foods to have as a smaller lunch (fruit, crackers & cheese, nuts) so I’m not eating 2 costly meals out – both budget and calorie wise.


If you have a supermarket or small grocery store nearby, do a food shop every few days (3-4 days). By doing this, you’ll keep food waste to a minimum and ensure that you actually eat everything that you buy. I try to stick with ingredients that are versatile and that can be used in either a breakfast, lunch or dinner. These include –

  • Pre-packaged salad greens (spinach/ lettuce etc.)
  • Protein Source (grassfed mince, lentils etc.)
  • Eggs
  • Chickpea Pasta
  • Avocado
  • Almond Milk
  • Chia Seeds/ Hemp Seeds (optional but great to add to meals to boost your protein intake)
  • Almonds (great for snacking too!)
  • Bread
  • Passata
  • Lemons (drink with water in the morning, massage salad greens, make gaucamole and use as a salad dressing)
  • Fruit (berries, apples, bananas)
  • Vegetables (cauliflower, pumpkin, capsicum, corn cobs (great as a snack too!), sweet potato, carrots)
  • Rolled Oats
  • Olive Oil (for cooking or to massage salad greens)


I know that being a little loose with your usual routine is all part of the fun when on holidays however if you spend a few minutes every couple of days getting organised, your wallet and your waist will thank you for it. Before I go food shopping, I’ll take a moment to write down what meals I plan to eat over the next few days and what I need to buy. You don’t need to be overly organised with this, having a rough idea is better than none.

I often rotate 2 different breakfasts to keep things interesting. I’ll make Overnight Oats (#MYEPICSELF 28-DAY MEAL PLAN) two days in a row so my almond milk doesn’t go to waste and then I’ll switch to some sort of cooked breakfast (poached eggs on toast with avo).

For dinner, I’ll choose meals that use a lot of the same ingredients just in different ways – roast veg macro bowls, bolognese, omelettes etc.


If I’m away without the kids, I usually aim for a big brunch with an earlier dinner and skip lunch altogether. I might have a small snack to tie me over until dinner but strategically skipping a meal also ensures you leave plenty of room for a sneaky wine or some cheese & crackers come happy hour.

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