There are so many apps targeted at counting macros, tracking calories or keeping a food diary but none that give you an insight into why you eat certain foods and how those foods made you feel, until now!
My heart skipped a beat, the moment I discovered the Ate App. It’s such a simple app yet so incredibly powerful and as a Health Coach, this is going to significantly change the way I am able to help my clients make better food choices for themselves.


It’s a FREE app that allows you to easily track what you eat, why you ate it and how it made you feel – it’s mindfulness for food! Forget having to input every ingredient and its weight because for a lot of us, none of that stuff matters, if we can’t understand and identify why we continue to eat the way we do, when we know we shouldn’t.


Firstly, the app is really quick & easy to use so there’s a good chance that you’ll actually use this one. Once you’ve installed it, the first thing you do is set up your profile by choosing your goals whether it be to eat better, eat more whole foods, eat smaller portion sizes, make more meals at home or to eat when you’re actually hungry and not just when you’re bored etc. From there, all you need to do is snap a quick photo of your food through the app and select a few multiple choice questions as to why you went with that particular food/ meal and how it made you feel after eating it. Once you’ve input a few meals, you’ll be able to see if you’re on the right path to achieving the goal that you input.


This is one of the first apps created where awareness is priority and we all know that being aware about why we eat/ drink certain foods is the single best way to bring about change and create a more healthy relationship with food. Also, not only will it help you identify regular cravings and potentially the cause of those cravings but it can help overcome emotional eating, over-eating or binge eating in a way that isn’t negative or obsessive. Another big positive of using this app is that it actually makes you think twice about what you’re going to eat before you eat it so you’re more likely to choose good options – it’s like having a food angel on your shoulder at all times!

What’s even more exciting is that this app has been designed with health coaches in mind. If you are working with a health coach, they’ll be able to see the foods you’ve eaten throughout the day and be able to chat to you through the app about any questions they may have regarding those meals and any suggestions they have for you moving forward.

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