It’s such a simple question but in reality, I’d say that a whopping 90% of women have trouble naming their style.
Yet, we all seem to want the same things – we want more wear out of our wardrobes, we want more bang for our buck and we want to increase the versatility of our wardrobe. The catch – you need to know your style and if you don’t have one, you need to get one!

Bare with me, while I go ahead and compare working out your personal style with learning to drive a car. You see, when you’re in your teens, puberty ridden and socially awkward, learning to drive seems really daunting, but when we sit down, nut it out and get given a place to start (like learning the road rules for example), the impossible starts to seem somewhat possible. Your style and working out what that style may be, is much the same and at first, probably seems very overwhelming. So why don’t I give you a place to start?!

Do you even have a “style”? To help us work this out, I’ve created a flowchart below and because I’m very black and white (no grey area here), you’ll get a pretty good answer to this –




So what’s the damage?

NO DEFINED STYLE – In short, you don’t have a particular style or perhaps you haven’t quite worked out what it is yet. The good news, I’ve written a bloody good post here on how to do this.

YOU HAVE A DEFINED STYLE – Go you! You’ve got a damn good idea on what floats your boat but perhaps something’s still a miss? In separate posts, I’ll explain in more detail why this could be happening but to sum it up all short & sweet, either –

  • Your wardrobe doesn’t reflect your style.
  • Your wardrobe doesn’t compliment your lifestyle.
  • Your wardrobe needs an edit and/ or some re-jigging.
  • The way you shop needs some serious attention.
  • You need to think outside the square when it comes to dressing.

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