In short, yes they do but there’s a catch … I think the reason my kids are happy to eat what I eat, has a lot to do with the way that we introduced their very first foods. Before introducing solids, I did a lot of research into how I wanted to tackle this and settled on a concept called¬†Baby-Led Weaning. We completely skipped the puree stage and instead waited for both kids to turn 6 months old and let them feed themselves. I would offer them age-appropriate solid foods which they explored and ate with their hands. The benefits of this concept are heavily documented and just from my own personal experience, I can confirm that having tried this with both of my kids, they are exceptional eaters and people comment on this a lot. There aren’t any foods in particular that they won’t eat and they are very happy to try new foods when introduced. They were exposed to many different tastes, textures, spices etc. from a young age.

As a family, we eat the same meals probably 95% of the time (lunch can be slightly different though for Scarlett when she is at school). For Enzo, it’s more his fine motor skills that dictate how his meal is served. If we are eating a meal that is probably too hard for him to manage (think San Choy Bow) then he will still eat the foods that we eat, just not in the same form. He would for example just have his meal separated – a single lettuce leaf, protein, a few veggies and perhaps a handful of nuts. So in terms of nutrition, he’d still be consuming the same foods and lapping up the same nutrients as us.

To be honest, I have no real secret or trick to getting kids to eat the same foods as the rest of the family. My kids eat every meal in the #MYEPICSELF Cookbook but for me personally, I don’t think this has anything to do with luck, it’s more about the choice I made when they were young to give Baby Led Weaning a go.

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