In the last two years, I’ve lost 18kgs and have dropped 4 dress sizes mostly due to my approach food which I discuss in #MYEPICSELF Nutrition and whilst, I’m very aware of my individual macro and calorie needs , I do not count them.

Truth be told, if I counted the total amount of calories that I consumed today, I’d probably get a very rude shock because I’m almost certain that I’d eat well above and beyond what is typically recommended for someone of my age, weight and size. In my opinion, I don’t believe counting calories is an accurate way to obtain results because all calories are not created equal. I could eat 1000 calories of pure junk food, burn 1500 calories throughout the day, manage to lose weight but I’d still be incredibly unhealthy and probably suffer a lot of unpleasant symptoms as a result. I do think that if weight lose if your only goal, then putting yourself into a calorie deficit by consuming less calories than you burn is smart but being aware that this doesn’t necessarily take into account your health which I believe is more important. Throughout my own weight loss journey, my goal of losing excess weight was very short-lived in the total scheme of things and lasted 6-8 months max. until I got rid of most of the weight. Once I got to this point, I focused on gaining lean muscle mass which requires you to eat more calories than you usually would. It was only when I started to ramp up my calories that the look & shape of my body really took a turn for the better. So in terms of calorie counting, I’d rather put my focus and attention into making sure that I am eating clean, whole foods as much as possible. If I turn my attention to this, then calories really don’t matter to me. It all depends on your where you are currently with your health and fitness and your individual goals.

As far as macros go, I have calculated my own macro needs in the past to give me a rough idea of how many grams of carbs, proteins and fats are suggested for me but I don’t follow this at all. I’m certainly not oblivious to macros, I know what my suggested amounts look like in terms of portion size but I’m still very loose with it. At this stage of my life, I am happy & healthy and I’m at a comfortable place with my strength for now. If I have a goal however in the future to reach peak performance levels, then I might look into counting my macros each day because I definitely agree that this is the best way to lose weight, gain muscle and achieve long-term results. My main focus when it comes to macros is to ensure that I am consuming each macronutrient during each meal, not exactly how much of each at this point.

So in a nutshell, I’m aware of my macro and calorie needs based on what I want to achieve and I think it’s very healthy for everyone to become aware of their own needs. I don’t count either of these but I do focus on clean eating and ensuring I eat all macros at every meal. I don’t count calories and don’t believe that this is a great way to go about any health & fitness goal. If I had a specific goal to increase my muscle mass or reach a certain weight, I’d definitely go down the path of macro counting as opposed to calorie counting.

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