A few years ago, I did a corporate styling tour across QLD for a reputable law firm because believe it or not, they were having uniform issues with a lot of their staff. In an environment where their overall appearance really counts, they contacted me with one common problem – the fit of the uniforms. In this post, I want to shed light on some of the most common fit problems (not just for work) which can actually make you look like you are bigger than you really are –

  • Tight Waistbands – If you can’t fit a few fingers between your body and the waistband, it’s probably too tight.
  • Encased Arms – If you tend to carry weight in your arms, ensure sleeves aren’t too tight.
  • Smiling Crotches – The horizontal lines that you get across the front of the crotch when pants are too small.
  • Tight Trousers – Pants that are too tight across the thighs emphasise & create a lower hip bulge.
  • Taut Details – Pulled pleats, gaping pockets, stressed zips & gaping buttons tend to look unflattering.
  • Short Skirts – A skirt that curves under the bottom is an alarm bell for being too small.

Also, it’s not just clothes that are too small that are the problem either, clothes that are too large can also add a few kilos visually. These include –

  • Large Armholes
  • Ultra Wide Sleeves
  • Extra Long Sleeves
  • Oversized Jackets & Tops

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