Is it possible for these two worlds to merge?



It seems crazy that I even have to question this, however in a world where more is always more, I’ve found that being a ‘personal stylist’, also comes with the expectation that I should own a large and very impressive wardrobe too.

I love fashion so much that I’ve dedicated most of my career to working in this industry but there’s a catch – I also love minimalism and that sense of freedom that comes with a less is more approach. I’m lit up by calming spaces, stress-free mornings and quality over quantity. For me, becoming a Stylist was always about having the knowledge and skills to be able to help others and truthfully had very little to do with me, so in a way I’ve always struggled to get my head around the fact that people care so much about my own wardrobe.

I have a passion for clothes but not in a way that people would expect … I care about clothes and the way they make you feel. I care about the power they possess to be able to change your confidence almost immediately. I care about the lasting impression your “look” leaves on those around you. I care about helping women feel unstoppable in clothes that flatter their figure. What I don’t care about are trends, head to toe designer outfits and fast fashion!

So, now that I’ve put it out there, I really think that these two worlds can merge together almost effortlessly. Not only do I have what it takes to build a capsule wardrobe suited to me, my lifestyle, my body shape and my colouring but I have the skills to be able to create the same for others as well. Now, that’s definitely something that could light me up! Stay tuned …

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