About Me

I honestly have no question that it is my responsibility to shake up the personal styling industry, as we know it and infuse it with two of my other great loves – nutrition & well-being. For me, looking good & feeling great is the result of taking care of yourself from the inside/ out and I think this is something we often forget. How can we expect to look our best on the outside, if we’ve been neglecting what’s on the inside? I truly believe that it takes two to tango!

It is my goal to pass on all that I’ve learnt and all that I know so women can seriously thrive and become their own epic version of themselves. Looking great doesn’t need to be hard – in fact, it’s really simple when you get given the right place to start. And don’t be fooled – I’ve been that girl before – unhappy with my looks, unhappy with the way I felt and because of this, unhappy with my life as a whole. That feeling doesn’t sit well with me and so I’ve spent years working out exactly what it takes to turn that feeling around and come out on top, more confident and empowered than ever before.

I’m here to strip it all back, to ditch the confusion and the conflicting advice surrounding fashion & food and to help you reveal your very best self, because she’s in there, I can promise you that! My approach is more about giving women the tools needed to do it all themselves – that’s the ultimate goal for me.

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