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My name is Elisha Casagrande and I am a qualified Health Coach & Personal Stylist (+ PT in Training). More importantly though, I am a Wife, Mum of 2, Dog Whisperer and Full-Time Chook Chaser.

It’s safe to say that life is full so naturally, one could assume that my own health & happiness takes a back seat, right?! Well, this is where my story differs slightly …

As a woman I understand that it’s normal for us to put our own needs last (heck, I’m always last to sit down at the dinner table) however what I’ve learnt in the last 6 years especially, is that in order for me to show up as the most epic version of myself in all areas of my life, my needs must come first and for me, that means prioritising the way I look and feel through Fashion, Nutrition & Wellbeing.

I have worked with women 1:1 for approx. 10 years and I’ve seen first-hand the transformation that takes place when they do the same so I know I’m not alone on this one.

I am passionate about capsule wardrobes, feel-good food and simple self-care. In particular though, how to juggle these with the chaos of everyday life. My goal is to inspire women to value themselves and in doing so, re-discover how simple it can be to make their health & happiness a priority once again. I specialise in coaching busy women on how to focus on what works for them, their life and their body as an individual, not what’s currently on trend!


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