Hi Beauty!

I’m Elisha Casagrande, a Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach & Personal Stylist.
More importantly though, I am a wife and mum of 9 … 2 kids, 2 dogs & 5 chooks.

I am ridiculously passionate about fashion, nutrition & wellbeing, but more importantly, how to juggle these three areas with the chaos of everyday life which sounds like a lot, but to put it more simply –


I help on-the-go women feel, be and look confident inside and out through 1:1 coaching,
low impact/ high sweat workouts and practical tips & tricks.


I aim to practice what I preach by eating healthy wholefoods, squeezing in some enjoyable exercise and showing up each day as the best possible version of myself. Admittedly though, I haven’t always been this way – I’ve spent a good chunk of my life struggling with body shame, self-sabotage and comparing myself to others, all of which I’ve been grateful to have turned around and now use as an advantage to help other women overcome the same.


The key areas I specialise in are –

  • Fun & Effective, Pelvic Floor Friendly Workouts
  • Clean Eating, Bio-Individuality & Nutrition Overwhelm
  • Body Confidence, Wardrobe Versatility & Slow Fashion


I don’t believe in going at any personal transformation alone. I believe in the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded women to keep you accountable, keep you motivated & inspired and keep you moving forward and that’s exactly what I hope to achieve here.

I have done and continue to invest a lot of time learning and growing to be the best coach that I can be for women worldwide. My current qualifications include –

  • Cert III in Styling (Fashion, Image & Media)
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Master Personal Trainer with Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Cert IV in Teaching & Assessment

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