What's she all about?

She’s a natural born creative whose name has been tossed around by the mouths of some seriously stylish women, both in Australia and world-wide. 

So what makes her special? Her own personal style – it’s simple, it’s practical (2 dogs, 2 kids (potentially 3 if you count the husband), it takes her less than 10mins to race through the door looking somewhat put-together and more importantly, it’s achievable (with her help of course!). Oh and she has a real knack for increasing the wearability of a woman’s wardrobe … which does help a little. 

She’s dabbled in all areas of styling; though must admit she gets a warm fuzzy feeling helping women to look & feel their best (dressing gorgeous models didn’t quite provoke that same feel-good feeling). 

“Honestly, most women just need a few staples, some inspiration & a couple of life-changing tips to create a stack of new outfits for themselves or if I’m really lucky, an entirely new look”

She’s no Albert Einstein but her vision is much the same; to pass on the knowledge, skills and confidence for women to be able to dress themselves and to do it well (and with a smug smile if the occasion permits). We aren’t building a sustainable community for people to live and thrive – it’s fashion! There shouldn’t be fears, there shouldn’t be doubts and there sure as shit shouldn’t be any confusion & frustration. All you need to do is let your guard down and let Elisha nudge you in the right direction.

“Looking great doesn’t need to be hard, in fact, it’s easy when you know where to start. If I learnt how to become a Stylist, then so can you! It’s really just a matter of me teaching you exactly what I’ve learnt, so that you can go and practise it yourself. I’m a strategic (aka nerdy) Stylist (I challenge you to find a book or article related to fashion that I haven’t read/ wrote/ wish I thought of myself) and the way I approach styling is a little different to most. 

I’ve spent years shopping with fabulous women, though realised very early on that if women don’t know this ‘stuff’ themselves, then they’ll forever need the help of a Stylist. That just doesn’t sit well with me. My approach is more about giving women the tools needed to style themselves and shop on their own. That’s my vision … all typed up and proof-read

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